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fate isn't as strange as it always appears.
i'm gonna tell you one time.;
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15th-Sep-2011 06:11 pm - do any of you guys have tumblrs?
if so, tell me them!
3rd-May-2011 08:04 pm - Hey guys!

So, wow, i haven't been on LiveJournal in such a long time and judging by my friends page it seems like no one is on as much as they were before!
Anyways, I've fallen in love with Tumblr and I was wondering if any of you had an account over there? I'd love to keep in contact with you guys there since I'm alwayyys there hahah. So if you would like you can follow me over at
http://www.spaceshipsanddust.tumblr.com (:(: do it! I'd love to talk to you guys again! I MISS YOU ALL (: so follow me and if you do then message me your LiveJournal name in my ask so I can remember/know who you are!
10th-Jun-2010 06:15 pm - da, da, da, da
What can I say? If any of you follow hockey, you'll know game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals was last night and the Hawks won in OT with a shot that anyone could classify as one of the most bizarre and odd endings to a game but completely awesome and miraculous. Haha, anyway, lets all rejoice in Hawks happiness (: Patrick Kane; my hero and future husband (; I love you. Jonny Toews; you are a .. there are no words for that boy other than you make me speechless. NIEMI; you are a god, nuff said. 

Well, there's my day late congratulations to the Hawks and their fans! I am completely jealous of anyone going to the parade, including my brother and sister, who by the way has met Kaner (add on the jealousness). 

So, guess that leaves me to this: WHO LOVES THE HAWKS?! <3
5th-Dec-2009 03:12 pm - fool me, fool me
I have joined twitter! Before I had joined today I thought it was the most creepy, ridiculious idea the internet had ever had. But then I realized it was only creepy if you made it? Anyway, I feel like a friendless loser with Only like 6 followers. So if any of you have a twitter, you know, follow me! I swear I won't creep :)


Thanks guys!
2nd-Dec-2009 09:40 pm - let's write a fairytale
I am so high over the moon right now.
I got to chat with the adorable Justin Bieber. I'm sure some of you won't care, but Alexa I know you will. lol
I guess he was chatting with tons of people with the live chat, but still his answers and responses seemed to sincere and honest, not just some bull shit he threw together to get it over with.
My, my how I am starting to adore this boy even more.!
Well, I just had to get out my total excitement and giddiness by something other than grinning ear to ear and dancing in my bedroom!
27th-Nov-2009 11:52 pm - i'm already somebodys baby
alright. so it's official.
i have become a justin bieber fan.
as much as i have tried to resist it i can not anymore.
his charm, his confidence, his cute little giggles...
he's too presh for words.
the only problem with him for me is that he is 5'3.
bit too short for me.
anyways, i mean anyone who doesn't like his music i could totally relate to you. in the beginning i was like what is this shit ?!
then i watched interviews and him dancing and suddenly i was smitten.
i mean take a look at this boy!

he kinda looks like a disney star, but i like it:)
he's got a good voice. just has to go through a little thing i like to call puberty.
i just hope fame doesn't ruin this sweet(seeming) boy :) ?
27th-Sep-2009 12:55 am - i am for r e a l .
things i L O V E .

:: mint chip ice cream.


::snow at night.

::cheap shampoo.

::gold jewelry. (everyone needs to check out LANA jewelry. it's come crazy shit.)

::jeans. every style. yup.

::hot chocolate. with whipped cream. no marshmallows.

::boys with sandy brown hair. they're just perfection.

::leighton meester. she's my girl right there. &+ some chace crawford and i'll  just go and die right there.

:: BALMAIN. like, hello. b a n a n a s .

::volupso's pomegranate- patchouli room spray. i use it as body mist and trust me, it doesn't smell like a old hippie.

::my mom's makeup. i have piles and stashes of makeup strewn around my room,  but the naughtiness of sneaking into my moms bathroom and sneaking some shiseido and chanel products it that much more enjoyable.

:: my dad's unused cologne.

::my sisters clothes. again, the pure naughtiness.

wellz, that's it for me. like anything on here?

11th-Sep-2009 11:41 pm - decisions, decisions, decisions.
Alright, so Walt Disney is coming out with a new movie called Secretariat,  and I am hoping that i can make the casting call tomorrow. The casting is only for extras, but anything to get noticed right? Anyway, we have to bring a photo. Any kind, it can be just a photo you took yourself or a, um, headshot. I really don't want to pay for $100 headshots right now, so I need your help with picking the photo? Tell me which one to choose. ? ! :) pics are under the cut.
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8th-Sep-2009 11:18 pm - you know i'm a dancing machine.

to be honest, i am one of the laziest people on the planet. so i never request any friends, i think i have five? LOL. i seem like such a pathetic loser. anyway, i'll just do the challenge and tag whatever people i have in my friends list? whatever.

r u l e s.

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

my seven quirks/ habits/ facts.

1. i hate straws. absolutely detest them. first off, they're annoying to me, people bite them and put their spit all over them. it's just really gross. secondly, you look like an idiot when you have a straw. the whole fish face thing going on? please.

2. i have to have nail polish on at all times. i don't like the look of bare nails on me. it's too boring.

3. i'm trying to get into acting. everyone usually tells me to go into that profession, so i thought why not? i'm only fourteen, so it shouldn't be that hard to be noticed. right? ahaha, just kidding. it's going to be crazy hard and really depressing to be constantly rejected, but who gives a fuck? get over it.

4.i am a rabid nb-er. i am so hardcore. enough said. that's all folks.(throw some cheighton and i'm in heaven)

5. i like to have cold food. pizza, chicken, ice cream, mashed potatoes. you name it i'll have it. mmmm....ribs sound really good right now.

6. i am fourteen. people always say that i'm so mature, whatever. it's their opinion. it works in my favor when every person i meet thinks that i'm seventeen! i get to do so much more....;) no, but i'm a freshman and the older girls are such fucking bitches! i was naive and thought that high school was the worst of it, but nooo  honey, these high schoolers are just pooling full of shit ready to hit the fan.

7. i don't like romantic movies. i like to see reality and those movies set something in a girl's mind that just makes her believe all that fake shit would happen in real life. love at first sight, happy, fight, break-up, make-up? no, it'll be way less easy than that. i like movies that make me think and cry. i like to cry! i cried at the dark knight for fucks sake! c'mon. but i'm an easy crier.

alright, so i think that i got all the things done, but it seems that everyone has been tagged by someone else? well, maybe next time.....
toodles! :)

3rd-Jul-2009 12:33 pm - HHHHH.......
hova4life  gave me the letter H.
  1. High Heels
  2. Heath Ledger
  3. Holes in the wall cafes
  4. Hang You From the Heavens; Dead Weather
  5. "Hello, Beautiful"
  6. Hot weather
  7. HBO
  8. H&M
  9. Hulla-Hoops
  10. Hairy Bitch; cocktail
;H; is a really hard letter.

Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal. Give out letters to those who comment in return.
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